Broodmother Item Build

Dota Hero Item Build Broodmother (Black Arachnia). Broodmother is an Agility hero who is able to doing Push quickly. He was able to knock down Roshan with sober item assisted by his sons. Spin Web skill could make him invisible so the enemy can’t see it. Thus, you can easily creeping and attack the enemy piecemeal. Insatiable hunger is a skill that can give you big bonus damage. Additionally, this skill also gives lifesteal effect up to 80%.

Dota Hero Item Build Broodmother (Black Arachnia)

Broodmother Hero Statistic

Broodmother Item Build

Name: Black Arachnia
Affiliation: Agility (Scourge)
Strength: 17 + 2.5
Agility: 18 + 2.2
Intelligence: 18 + 2
Damage: 44 – 50
Armor: 4.5
HP: 473
Mana: 234
Move Speed: 295
Range: 128 (melee)

Skill Build for Broodmother
1. Spin Web
2. Spawn Spiderlings
3. Spawn Spiderlings
4. Incapacitating Bite
5. Spawn Spiderlings
6. Insatiable Hunger
7. Spawn Spiderlings
8. Incapacitating Bite
9. Incapacitating Bite
10. Incapacitating Bite
11. Insatiable Hunger
12. Spin Web
13. Spin Web
14. Spin Web
15. Stats
16. Insatiable Hunger
17-25. Stats

Early Game Item Build
Wraith BandPoor Mans ShieldPower Threads
Wraith Band
Poor Man’s Shield
Power Threads

Wraith Bands helps increase the stats in the early game to facilitate Creeping and fight the enemy. Broodmother endurance in the early game is still so small that you need a Poor Man’s Shield as a solution. Power Threads adds Attack Speed so as to accelerate the triggering of incapacitating Bite that led to slow effect.

Middle Game Item Build
Black King BarSange and Yasha
Black King Bar
Sange and Yasha

Black King Bar makes resistant to attack the enemy so that you can freely use the Insatiable Hunger to fight the enemy. Sange and Yasha gives attack speed and generate slow effect making it difficult for the enemy to escape.

Late Game Item Build
The Butterfly
The Butterfly

This item gives Evation so that the enemy’s attacks can be deflected. This item adds attack speed that very large so it would be easier to kill the enemy.

Luxury Item Build

  • Assault Cuirass
  • Monkey King Bar
  • Linken’s Sphere
  • Battle fury

How to Play Broodmother

Broodmother is a hero that is easy to use to fight against the enemy. He also often gets a kill with ease. How to use Broodmother is as follows.

First use the Spin Web to invisible and then approach the enemy. Enable Insatiable Hunger and then hit enemy as much as possible. If HP enemy left a little, use Spawn Spiderlings to kill the enemy.

Spin WebInsatiable Hunger – Hit – Hit – Hit – Incapacitating BiteSpawn Spiderlings

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