Crystal Maiden Item Build

Dota Hero Item Build Crystal Maiden (Rylai Crestfall). Cristal Maiden is intelligence hero who has role as Ganker in team. It was fit play role as Ganker because it has skill can be used to ganking. It has three active skills and one passive skill so is not difficult use to fight with enemies. Two skills suitable for ganking are slower and disable. Ultimate has thousand damages it can use kill enemy instantly. The maximum potential of skill can improve with 70 explosions with Aghanim’s Scepter within 7 second. This is guide about Cristal Maiden item build and strategy.

Dota Hero Item Build Crystal Maiden (Rylai Crestfall)

Crystal Maiden Hero Statistic

Crystal Maiden Item Build

Name: Rylai Crestfall
Affiliation: INT Sentinel
Strength: 16 +1.7
Agility: 16 + 1.6
Intelligence: 21 + 2.9
HP: 454
Mana: 273
Damage: 38 – 44
Armor: 1.3
Move Speed: 280
Range: 600
Missile Speed: 900
Sight Range: 1800/800

Skill Build for Crystal Maiden
1. Frostbite
2. Brilliance Aura
3. Brilliance Aura
4. Crystal Nova
5. Brilliance Aura
6. Frostbite
7. Brilliance Aura
8. Frostbite
9. Frostbite
10. Freezing Field
11. Freezing Field
12. Crystal Nova
13. Crystal Nova
14. Crystal Nova
15. Stats
16. Freezing Field
17-25. Stats

Early Game Item Build
BracerBoots of Speed
Boots of Speed

Cristal Maiden have little HP so it need Bracer to adds all stats in early game. In addition, it can’t move quickly so it needs Boots of Speed to add movement speed.

Middle Game Item Build
Phase BootsBlack King Bar
Phase Boots
Black King Bar

Phase Boots give bonus movement speed so you can catch enemy to use righ skill you have. Black King Bar is core item in middle game, this item can give resistant from enemies spell. If you already has this item, you can use Freezing Field skill safely.

Late Game Item Build
Kelens DaggerAghanims Scepter
Kelen’s Dagger
Aghanim’s Scepter

This item will support you to jump in the middle of enemies for use Freezing Field with ease. For improve your skill, now buy Aghanim’s Scepter.

Luxury Item Build

  • Guinsoo Schyte of Vyse – This item can disable enemies and adds your Mana so capacity your Mana will be fulfilled.
  • Mekans – This item give you and team in area instant HP so this item very suitable for luxury items for you.
  • Linken Sphere – This item give you resistant for enemy spell so you can use your skill freely.
  • Radiance – You will often be in the middle of a crowd of enemies so this item accelerates to kill the enemies.

How to Play Crystal Maiden

Crystal Maiden is a hero that has ultimate area so it can use to kill many enemies. If your item already has, you can kill enemies with combo. How to use Crystal Maiden is as follows.

First, make sure your friend open war. At the time was the right time to act. After your team opens war, use Kelen’s Dagger to jump to middle of enemies then active Black King Bar and use Freezing Field Skill. If duration of the skill has been completed use Cristal Nova and Frost Bite to enemy had at least HP.

Combo Skill:
Kelen’s Dagger – Black King Bar – Freezing Field – Crystal Nova – Frost Bite

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