Jin’zakk Item Build

Dota Hero Item Build Jin’zakk (Batrider). Jin’zakk an intelligence hero that play a role as a support and disabler hero. He is very useful to counter the carry hero in late game. Flaming lasso skills can disable enemies by way confining and bring it run. This skill makes enemies disabled and can not do anything for 4 seconds. Matter how hard the enemy, if affected by this skill will not be helpless so that your friends can freely kill him. Jin’zakk have a skill Sticky Napalm that serves to make the enemy becomes very slow. This skill can stack up to 10 times so that the slow effect will be larger, ie up to 90%. If Jin’zakk is in danger, he can use the skill Firefly to run away. If this skill is activated, Jin’zakk can pass through anything, including trees, ravines and cliffs.

Dota Hero Item Build Jin’zakk (Batrider)

Jin’zakk Hero Statistic

Jinzakk Item Build

Name: Jin’zakk
Affiliation: INT Neutral
Strength: 23 + 2.4
Agility : 15 + 1.5
Intelligence: 24 + 2.5
HP: 587
HP Regen : 0.94
Mana: 321
Mana Regen : 0.97
Damage: 48 – 52
Armor: 2.1
Movespeed: 290
Attack Range: 375
Attack Speed : 0.68
Missile Speed: 900
Sight Range: 1400 / 800

Skill Build for Jin’zakk
1. Firefly
2. Sticky Napalm
3. Sticky Napalm
4. Flamebreak
5. Sticky Napalm
6. Flaming Lasso
7. Sticky Napalm
8. Firefly
9. Firefly
10. Firefly
11. Flaming Lasso
12. Flamebreak
13. Flamebreak
14. Flamebreak
15. Stats
16. Flaming Lasso
17-25. Stats

Early Game Item Build

Bracer 2X
Boot Of Speed
Empty Bottle

You’re not so good endurance so that you can cope with the bracer. This item can make you last long during in lane. Do not forget to buy Boot Of Speed to increase movement speed so you are more free to move. Bring Empty Bottle to charge where and HP for farming.

Middle Game Item Build

Kelen’s Dagger
Force Staff
Boot Of Travel

Kelen’s Dagger is an item that must be you have because it will help you when you want use skills Flaming Lasso. Item Force Staff can be used to accelerate bring the enemy run away that is being affected by skills Flaming Lasso. Boot Of Travel is easier for you to move lane to support your friend in lane.

Late Game Item Build

Guinsoo Schyte Of Vyse
Black King Bar

This item is a late game item that you must have. This item is useful to disable the enemy and add resistance during in lane. Because you are the hero who has a knack disabled then you can add the ability to use this item. Twice disable is deadly to enemies in the late game. If you are the target of an enemy who has a skill especially disabled then buy the item immediately.

Luxury Item

  1. Necronomicon
  2. Linken’s Sphere
  3. Bloodsstone
  4. Radiance
  5. Dagon
  6. Mjolnir

How To Play Jin’zakk

As it is known that Jin’zakk is a hero who has the talent to disable and plays an important role support friends in lane. Use of this hero is very easy with the skills they have. First use Napalm sicky many times to the enemy and then attack regular basis then you will be resulting in more damage than usual.

If you already have Kelen’s Dagger items, approach the enemy and then use Flaming Lasso and then activate the skill Firefly. At the time of disabling the enemy, bring the enemy to your friend. If you already have the item Force Staff, use the method above and then use Force Staff to bring the enemy faster. At that time also sicky Napalm use as much as possible and when an enemy tries to run away immediately use Flamebreak to end it.

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