Luna Moonfang Item Build

Dota Hero Item Build Luna Moonfang (Moon Rider). Luna Moonfang an Agility hero that has the potential killer in the team. He is suitable for a duel because damage received enemy would be maximized if the enemy alone. Luna is very easy to get Gold because he has Moon Glaive skill that can bounce and damage received almost the same as the first attack.

Dota Hero Item Build Luna Moonfang (Moon Rider)

Luna Moonfang Hero Statistic

Luna Moonfang Item Build

Name: Luna Moonfang
Affiliation: Agility (sentinel)
Strength: 15 + 1.9
Agility: 22 + 2.8
Intelligence: 16 + 1.85
Damage: 48-54
Armor: 3.1
HP: 435
Mana: 208
Move speed: 330
Range: 330 (ranged)
Attack Time: 1.39 (+22%)

Skill Build for Luna Moonfang
1. Lunar Blessing
2. Lucent Beam
3. Lucent Beam
4. Lunar Blessing
5. Lucent Beam
6. Eclipse
7. Lucent Beam
8. Lunar Blessing
9. Lunar Blessing
10. Moon Glaives
11. Eclipse
12. Moon Glaives
13. Moon Glaives
14. Moon Glaives
15. Stats
16. Eclipse
17-25. Stats

Early Game Item Build
Boots of SpeedEmpty BottleMask of Death
Boots of Speed
Empty Bottle
Mask of Death

Bracer adds HP so that you can be in lane longer. Boots of Speed add Movement Speed giving more freedom to move in the Lane. Empty Bottle can be used to add HP and Mana any time. Also useful for storing Power Up to use at the right time when want to kill the enemy. Mask of Death gives Lifesteal effect so that every punch that was launched can add HP.

Middle Game Item Build
Power ThreadsHelm of Dominator
Power Threads
Helm of Dominator

Power Thread adds Movement Speed and Attack Speed so that your potential will be growing. Upgrade Mask of Death to Helm of Dominator that increases armor and you can control the enemy creeps and jungle, to help attack enemies and push the tower.

Late Game Item Build
Black King BarSatanic
Black King Bar

Black King Bar makes you a bigger and resistant to spells being waged by enemy. Now, upgrade Helm of Dominator to Satanic so you will get the incredible lifesteal effect. In addition it will also increase your STR and you will become stronger.

Luxury Item Build

  • The Butterfly
  • Vanguard
  • Etheral Blade
  • Aghanim’s Scepter

How to Play Luna Moonfang

Luna Moonfang potentially a killer hero in the team so as to bring the team to victory. Luna is not difficult to use because skills they have no need of “special skills” like other heroes. How to use Moonfang Luna is as follows.

First, attack enemy using Lucent Beam to HP enemy gradually reduced. Attacks on the creep can also have an effect on enemy because you have Moon Glaive skill so that enemy HP will also be reduced. If HP enemy are colored yellow, Approach the enemy and use Eclipse to kill him.

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