Nerubian Weaver Item Build

Dota Hero Item Build Nerubian Weaver (Anub’Seran). Nerubian Weaver is a carry hero who has potential killer in the game. He can return within 5 seconds ago so he can easily escape from the pursuing enemy. He has skill Wind Walk which is able to make him invisible so you can easily pursue the enemy who wants to escape. Nerubian Weaver can attack enemies with 2 times hit at a time so these skills can be used to spend HP enemy piecemeal. If he already has all the necessary items, he will be a very great hero and feared all enemies.

Dota Hero Item Build Nerubian Weaver (Anub’Seran)

Nerubian Weaver Hero Statistic

Nerubian Weaver Item Build

Name: Anub’seran
Affiliation: AGI Scourge
Strength: 15 + 1.5
Agility: 14 + 2.5
Intelligence: 15 + 1.8
HP: 435
HP Regen: 0.7
Mana: 195
Mana Regen: 0.61
Damage: 50 – 60
Armor: 2.0
Move Speed: 290
Range: 425 (ranged)
Missile Speed: 900
Sight Range: 1800/800

Skill Build for Nerubian Weaver
1. Shukuchi
2. The Swarm
3. Shukuchi
4. Geminate Attack
5. Shukuchi
6. Time Lapse
7. Shukuchi
8. Geminate Attack
9. Geminate Attack
10. Geminate Attack
11. Time Lapse
12. The Swarm
13. The Swarm
14. The Swarm
15. Stats
16. Time Lapse
17-25. Stats

Early Game Item Build
Ring of AquilaBoots of Speed
Ring of Aquila
Boots of Speed

Ring of Aquila is the beginning of the most suitable items for Nerubian Weaver. This item gives damage, armor and also Mana Regen so you will be easier spent HP enemies. Boots of Speed to make more free to move in the Lane.

Middle Game Item Build
Power ThreadsRadianceMedallion of Courage
Power Threads
Medallion of Courage

Power Threads adds attack speed, movement speed so that you can more easily attack and move faster in Lane. Radiance increases the damage of your attacks waged so will reduce much HP enemies. In addition, the Radiance can also burn HP enemies around you. Medallion of Courage will reduce armor so double attack that you waged will more quickly drain HP enemies.

Late Game Item Build
Sange and YashaThe Butterfly
Sange and Yasha
The Butterfly

Sange and Yasha is a matching item in the late game. This item provides durability as well as high attack speed. This item also can make enemy to Slow so the enemy would be difficult to escape. The Butterfly gives high attack speed so it’s synergy with geminate Attack skill that you have. This item also gives Evation so you will be more difficult to kill.

Luxury Item Build

  • Heart of Tarasque
  • Divine Rapier
  • Black King Bar
  • Vanguard

How to Play Nerubian Weaver

Nerubian Weaver is very easy to play with the equipment skills they have. If the item is needed already owned, it is very easy to kill all enemies. How to use Nerubian Weaver is as follows.

First, just hide in the woods to scout the enemy who wants to be killed. Then use The Swarm to attack the enemy and then use Shukuchi to approach and attack the enemy. Attack the enemy using the geminate Attack so the enemy will lose HP quickly. Use Shukuchi to chase and kill the enemy. For more details you can see on the Combo.

That means using the Nerubian Weaver to kill the enemy. Time Lapse Skill is useful for escaping and adds HP so you can attack the enemy with full HP. The use of this skill requires a precise calculation.

The Swarm – Shukuchi – Geminate Attack – hit hit hit – Shukuchi – hit hit hit

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