Rhasta Item Build

Dota Hero Item Build Rhasta (Shadow Shaman). Rhasta is a disabler, all designed to disable enemy skill. One of the characteristics of Rhasta is Mass Serpent Ward skill. This skill shaped 8 snake that can attack simultaneously. If the enemy is trapped there certainly be die. Skill is also suitable to destroy enemy Tower quickly. When using Rhasta, it takes a little practice to confine the enemy to the right.

Dota Hero Item Build Rhasta (Shadow Shaman)

Rhasta Hero Statistic

rhasta item build

Name: Rhasta
Affiliation: INT Sentinel 2
Strength: 19 + 1.6
Agility: 16 + 1.6
Intelligence: 21 + 3
HP: 511
HP Regen: 0.82
Mana: 273
Mana Regen: 0.85
Damage: 42 + 49
Armor: 1.3
Move Speed: 285
Range: 500
Attack Speed: 0. 68
Missile Speed: 900
Sight Range: 1800/800

Skill Build for Rhasta

1. Shackles
2. Voodoo
3. Shackles
4. Voodoo
5. Shackles
6. Mass Serpent Wards
7. Shackles
8. Voodoo
9. Voodoo
10. Ether Shock
11. Mass Serpent Wards
12. Ether Shock
13. Ether Shock
14. Ether Shock
15. Attribute Bonus
16. Mass Serpent Wards
17 – 25. Stats

Early Game Item Build
Boots of Speed Void Stone
Boots of Speed – Void Stone

Boots of Speed gives extra movement speed so Rhasta can move faster. Void Stone is an item that gives Mana Regen so Rhasta can use the skill more often.

Middle Game Item Build
Eul Scepter of Divinity Archane Boots
Eul Scepter of Divinity – Archane Boots

Items you should have quickly is Eul Scepter. Items which are part of the first core Rhasta. Eul Scepter serves to facilitate the use of the Mass Serpent Wards skill. In addition, this item also adds mana regen. Upgrade Boots of Speed into Archane Boots to add Mana.

Late Game Item Build
Guinsoo Schyte of Vyse
Guinsoo Schyte of Vyse

Guinsoo is that must be owned item in the late game. This item gives Mana regen very much so Rhasta will not lack Mana to use the skill. In addition, Guinsoo can be used to disable enemy so will disable the longer duration and the enemy will not be against you.

Luxury Item Build

  • Black King Bar – Rhasta is a hero that is so weak that it will often be the target of the enemy. Black King Bar is an item that can be used for defense for Rhasta.
  • Aghanim’s Scepter – This item increases the damage of Mass Serpent Wards.
  • Necronomicon – This item adds movement speed and can also be used to detect the invisible hero. Unit can be used to attack enemies affected disabled and trapped in the Mass Serpent Wards skill.

How to Play Rhasta

Rhasta is formidable disabler hero. If the enemy is trapped within the skill then it is very difficult to escape. Playing with Rhasta, I think is very exciting because there is a beautiful art. How to use Rhasta is as follows.

First look for a melee hero who has little armor and HP. Use Eul’s Scepter to blow away the enemy and when the enemy exposed Cyclone pairs of Mass Serpent Wards right below. When the duration of the cyclone have been exhausted then the enemy will be trapped in the middle of your snake and brackets using Shackles to tie it. If the duration has run out use Voodoo to disable. If the duration of Voodoo has been exhausted, then disable use Guinsoo. If the duration of the three skill Rhasta has been exhausted and the enemy is not dead, use Ether Shock to kill him.

Combo Skills:

Eul Scepter – Mass Serpent Wards – Shackles – Voodoo – Guinsoo – Ether Shock

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