Slark Item Build

Dota Hero Item Build Slark (Murloc Nightcrawler). Slark is agility type hero who has the unique skills to kill enemies and survive. Slark has HP Regen bonus very quickly when he is invisible to the enemy. When slark shortage HP, go alone into the forest so that its HP will be full again. This is a passive effect of the Shadow Dance skill, in addition to bonus HP Regen, this skill can also make you become invisible and in a state that you can hit an enemy with invisible freely without losing effect. This skill also can run very fast membutmu exceed balanar. Slark is very dangerous in the late game when in the build with the correct item.

Dota Hero Item Build Slark (Murloc Nightcrawler)

Slark Hero Statistic

Slark Item Build

Name: Slark
Affiliation: AGI Neutral
Strength: 21 + 1.8
Agility : 21 + 1,5
Intelligence: 16 + 1.9
HP: 549
HP Regen : 0.88
Mana: 208
Mana Regen : 0.65
Damage: 51 – 62
Armor: 1.94
Movespeed: 305
Attack Range: 128
Attack Speed : 0.72
Missile Speed: instant
Sight Range: 1800 / 1800

Skill Build for Slark
Level 1 – Pounce
Level 2 – Essence Shift
Level 3 – Dark Pact
Level 4 – Dark Pact
Level 5 – Dark Pact
Level 6 – Shadow Dance
Level 7 – Dark Pact
Level 8 – Pounce
Level 9 – Pounce
Level 10 – Pounce
Level 11 – Shadow Dance
Level 12 – Essence Shift
Level 13 – Essence Shift
Level 14 – Essence Shift
Level 15 – Stats
Level 16 – Shadow Dance
Level 17 -25 Stats

Early Game Item Build
Wraith BandWraith BandPower Trade
2x Wraith Band
Power Trade

Because your HP is very little, so you need to cover it with 2X Wraith Band and if need be add using Bracer or Poor man’s shield. Because you’re an agility hero who has the talent to beat faster, then you need the item Power Trade to enhance that capability.

Middle Game Item Build
Sange & YashaDiffusal BladeCranium Basher
Sange & Yasha or Diffusal Blade
Cranium Basher

Choose one of these items to make enemies in order to maximize the potential of the slow skill Essence Shift. You will have the potential to kill quickly if the enemy in a state of slow. Next use as an additional item Cranium Basher disable enemies so that you become more and more frightening on the battlefield.

Late Game Item Build
The ButterflyAbyssal BladeAssault CuirassBuriza do Kyanon
The Butterfly
Abyssal Blade
Assault Cuirass
Buriza do Kyanon

In times of distress slow enemies, you can attack enemies more quickly using items The Butterfly and Assault Cuirass. Use Buriza do Kyanon to multiply the damage you have. Do not forget, upgrade Cranium Basher to Abyssal Blade be more severe.

Luxury item

  1. Guinsoo Schyte of Vyse
  2. Monkey King Bar
  3. Stygian Desolator
  4. Mjolnir
  5. Black King Bar

How to Play Slark

Slark is a great Agility hero type. it has the potential to kill very large in the late game. This hero is the hope to get a win in playing dota. Slark is very easy to use with few skills they have. First use Pounce to bind enemies, then activate Dark Pact and Hit enemies and activate Shadow Dance so that you become invisible and can attack enemies freely. With the correct items to build slark, then you will be a hero killer.

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    May i know the function of Black King Bar to Slark or other heroes? sorry for my poor english.

  2. 6 years ago
    Aaron Chavez

    When you activate Black King Bar (BKB), spells or heroes skill's will have have no effect on you. You can only be hit by normal attacks

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