Thrall Item Build

Dota Hero Item Build Thrall (Disruptor). Thrall is an intelligence hero who has a role as a support. It can also be used to open the war using the Kinetic Field skill. The skill can be used to confine many enemies in a circle of energy. Another function that can be used to block the road, to block the rate of enemies who want to chase you. Thrall has a nuke skill, suitable for attacking the enemy in the early game. The skill is called Thunder Strike. This skill can attack the enemy with the sign of the cloud above the target being attacked.

Dota Hero Item Build Thrall (Disruptor)

Thrall Hero Statistic

thrall item build

Name: Thrall
Affiliation: INT Sentinel 1
Strength: 19 + 1.9
Agility: 15 + 1.4
Intelligence: 22 + 2.5
HP: 511
HP Regen: 0.82
Mana: 286
Mana Regen: 0.89
Damage: 49 – 53
Armor: 1
Attack Range: 600
Attack Speed: 0.68
Attack Animation: 0.4 / 0.5
Missile Speed: 1200 Range/second
Move Speed: 300
Sight Range: 1800 / 800

Skill Build for Thrall
1. Thunder Strike
2. Kinetic Field
3. Kinetic Field
4. Glimpse
5. Kinetic Field
6. Static Storm
7. Thunder Strike
8. Thunder Strike
9. Thunder Strike
10. Kinetic Field
11. Static Storm
12. Glimpse
13. Glimpse
14. Glimpse
15. Stats
16. Static Storm
17-25. Stats

Early Game Item Build
Urn of ShadowBoots of Speed
Urn of Shadow – Boots of Speed

You need a lot of Mana to use Thunder Strike and therefore in the early game cheap items that can provide Mana regen is Urn of Shadow. These items can also be used to heal your friend in the lane, especially a carry hero. Boots of Speed adds movement speed to accelerate your journey.

Middle Game Item Build
Arcane BootsVeil of Discord
Arcane Boots – Veil of Discord

Upgrade your Boots of Speed into Arcane Boots so besides giving movement speed also gives Mana. Thrall has magic skills so that the items that match the skills that you have that Veil of Discord. This item reduces enemy resistance by up to 25% so that the enemy is affected by the skill you will receive more damage.

Late Game Item Build
Guinsoo Schyte of Vyse
Guinsoo Schyte of Vyse

Late items that you must have are Schyte of Vyse Guinsoo. This item gives HP regen very much and can be used to disable the enemy. So, now you have a long duration disable ie from Kinetic Field and Guinsoo. Double disable this would be very dangerous for the enemy’s defense when used for open the war with your team.

Luxury Item Build

  • Force Staff – This item can be used to help incorporate the enemy into Kinetic Field. Furthermore, it can be used to escape from the pursuit of the enemy who were eyeing.
  • Eul Scepter of Divinity – This item can also be used to facilitate the enemy locked into Kinetic Field. How to use it, same as the Shadow Shaman hero.
  • Boots of Travel – matching shoes in the late game so, Thrall can move quickly to support the team.
  • Dagon – cheap items that produce large damage. Suitable use when the enemy wants to try to escape.

How to Play Thrall

Thrall is an intelligence hero whose job is to support the team during a game. For the success of the team must build Thrall correctly and use the right target. How to use Thrall is as follows.

First, if you are one of the heroes that served to open the war so use the Kinetic Field to begin. Use to confine the enemy as much as possible and then at that point using Static Storm. Put the Thunder Storm on an enemy that has the thinnest HP. If there is an enemy that is trying to run away, direct plug with Glimpse and kill using Dagon.

Combo Skills:
Kinetic Field – Static Storm – Thunder Storm – Glimpse – Dagon.

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