Tiny Item Build

Dota Hero Item Build Tiny (Stone Giant). Tiny is a scary hero tanker and match is paired with a stunner hero. Tiny is also very match in a ganker build to destroy the enemy. He has 2 skills with huge damage. In addition, if Tiny has grown by Grow skill, damage is going to increase. In the early game, the hero so feared by Agility and Intelligence hero type. Tiny is a war hero opener. Here is a complete tutorial for tiny item build.

Dota Hero Item Build Tiny (Stone Giant)

Tiny Heroes Statistic
Tiny Item BuildName: Tiny
Affiliation: Strenght (Sentinel)
Strength*: 24 + 3Agility: 9 + 0.9
Intelligence: 14 + 1.6
Damage: 61 – 67
Armor: 0.3
HP: 606
Mana: 182
Movespeed: 285
Range: 128 (melee)

Skill Build for Tiny

Level 1 – Toss
Level 2 – Avalanche
Level 3 – Avalanche
Level 4 – Toss
Level 5 – Avalanche
Level 6 – Toss
Level 7 – Avalanche
Level 8 – Toss
Level 9 – Grow!
Level 10 – Stats
Level 11 – Grow!
Level 12 – Stats
Level 13 – Craggy Exterior
Level 14 – Craggy Exterior
Level 15 – Attribute Bonus
Level 16 – Grow!
Level 17 – Craggy Exterior
Level 18 – Craggy Exterior
Level 19 – 25 Stats

Early Game Item Build
Boot Of SpeedSoul Ring
Boot Of Speed
Soul Ring
Tiny is a ganker hero and very dangerous in the early game, as a ganker hero, tiny is perfect to bring Soul Ring item that serves to increase HP and mana to use both skill Avalanche and Toss. All heroes need to add Boot Speed Of Movement Speed.

Middle Game Item Build
Arcane BootsKelen’s Dagger
Arcane Boots
Kelen’s Dagger
Tiny takes a lot of Mana to use the skills they have. Tiny Mana needs can be fulfilled with Arcane Boots items. Tiny is a melee hero that need Kelen’s Dagger to pursue and kill the enemy.

Late Game Item Build
Aghanims ScepterDagon
Aghanim’s Scepter

Aghanim’s Scepter will make you stronger and in addition, you will also gain a new skill trees. This skill will increase your attack arange to 235 and give effect demolish. This effect will give damage by 1.75x for the building and the effect of 50% 400 AoE cleave.
To facilitate the killing enemies, Tiny is perfect to bring Dagon and update up to level 5

Luxury Item

  1. Shiva’s Guard
  2. Etheral Balde
  3. Hood of Deviance
  4. Heart of Tarasque
  5. Boots of Travel

How To Play Tiny

Tiny is a very feared ganker hero. To kill the enemy, Tiny equipped with skills Avalanche and Toss. To kill the enemy, which is the first step: come closer to the enemy and then use Tos Avalanche and then hit up dead. If you already have a Kelen’s Dagger, just hide in the woods and then blink to the enemy and use Avalanche and Toss. And if you already have a Dagon, do combo Blink + Avalanche + Toss + Dagon.

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