Troll Warlord Item Build

Dota Hero Item Build Troll Warlord (Jahrakal). Jah’rakal is Agility hero who has the best attack speed in Dota. He was able to tearing apart enemies with attacks launched. Attack speed it’s capable of triggering Bash so the enemy will have difficulty escaping. Jah’rakal able to attack enemies with melee or range mode. Hero is a favorite of many people who play this game. The power Troll Warlord would be maximized if it is supported with the correct item from the beginning of the game.

Dota Hero Item Build Troll Warlord (Jahrakal)

Troll Warlord Hero Statistic

Troll Warlord Item Build

Name: Jah’rakal
Tavern: Agility (Sentinel)
Strength: 17 + 2.2
Agility: 21 + 2.75
Intelligence: 13 + 1
Damage: 38 – 56
Armor: 2
HP: 473
Mana: 169
Move speed: 300
Range: 500 (ranged)
Attack Time: 1.7

Skill Build for Troll Warlord
1. Fervor
2. Whirling Axes
3. Fervor
4. Berserker Rage
5. Fervor
6. Battle Trance
7. Fervor
8. Berserker Rage
9. Berserker Rage
10. Whirling Axes
11. Battle Trance
12. Whirling Axes
13. Berserker Rage
14. Whirling Axes
15. Stats
16. Battle Trance
17-25. Stats

Early Game Item Build
Wraith BandPhase BootsHelm of Dominator
Wraith Band
Phase Boots
Helm of Dominator

Capacity HP owned Troll Warlord in the early game is very little so you need a Wraith Bands as the solution. Additionally, Wraith Band will add to your potential Agility. Phase Boots increases the damage and also Movement Speed so you can move freely in the lane. Helm of Dominator add Armor so you’re more resistant to enemy attacks. In addition, this item also provides lifesteal so each hit as you did against the enemy would add your HP.

Middle Game Item Build
Sange and YashaCrystalis
Sange and Yasha

Sange and yasha serves to facilitate the killing enemies. This item can give maim effect and also add Attack Speed. The enemy affected by maims and Bash will be easy to kill. Crystalis increases the damage and also provide Critical Strike which will make the enemy die quickly.

Late Game Item Build
Black King BarSatanicBuriza do Kyanon
Black King Bar
Buriza do Kyanon

Black King Bar will deter enemy attack that could derail the Battle Trance that you use. Satanic will give a very high bonus lifesteal so don’t worries about your HP. Buriza do Kyanon very synergy with Attack Speed you have. With this item you can kill enemies with just a few hit.

Luxury Item Build

  • Divine Rapier
  • Assault Cuirass
  • Bloodstone
  • Manta Style

How to Play Troll Warlord

Troll Warlord is a hero who has some skill that can make him a hero killer. If all the items needed already have, then he can kill enemies with just a few hit. Troll also very versatile because it can used to attack enemies with melee mode and range. How to use Troll Warlord is as follows.

First, Attack the enemy using Range mode and then use Whirling Axes (ranged) to make the enemy to Slow. Activate Phase Boots for approaching enemies. Activate Whirling Axes (Melee) and Battle Trance to attack the enemy at full speed. Enemies will be exposed to Bash and Maim so the enemy will have difficulty escaping. If the enemy are you opponent have a disabler skill, Activate Black King Bar before approaching enemy. If the enemy is not dead, use Whirling Axes (ranged) and Phase Boots to chase, kill enemies quickly.

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